Update 4/8/2016
We arrived for our 2:00pm appointmet about 1:45 and started looking for a parking spot. The lot was completely filled so we had to park illegally at the end of a row.
We had never seen anyone issuing tickets or otherwise enforcing the parking rules so we felt fairly safe.

We checked in and the receptionist said she would inform the nurses in the chemotherapy room that we were waiting. After about ten minutes, I went out into the hall wearing my pump apparatus to catch the eye of one of the nurses passing by.
Sandy, one of the ones that I knew soon appeared and removed the apparatus while explaining to a newly hired nurse the ins and outs of handling the reservoir/pump unit.

We were in and out in about an hour and now free of appointments and chemotherapy for two weeks giving the chemicals time to work.
The next blood tests will be on Wednesday April 20th when we get to see if the Hemoglobin and Tumor Marker numbers have changed.

When we left, our car was still there and no tickets.

I'm feeling very good and doing some yard work, cutting a little grass and preparing the flower beds for later planting.

I'm still only sleeping about 3 hours a night. Both my PCP and oncologist recommended/prescribed Clonazepam and Anne suggested Diphenhydramine but
neither seems to work for me. Still, I don't feel tired during the day and I take a short nap in the afternoon almost everyday.
There is the opinion that some people really don't need 7-8 hours a night, maybe I've turned into one of them.